Learn to Swim Levels

Beginner 1

  • Complete Beginners
  • No or few previous swimming lessons
  • Flotation Devices necessary
  • Age 4 minimum

Beginner 2

  • Have had some previous swimming lessons
  • Able to propel themselves in the water with flotation devices (e.g. armbands)
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Can attempt a star float on their back and front
  • Moving through the water up to 5m with flotation devices

Beginner 3

  • Comfortable putting face in the water, blowing bubbles
  • Working towards long stretched legs on front and back
  • Able to achieve a streamline (flat and straight) body position on front and back
  • Reducing flotation aids used for independent swimming
  • Can attempt breaststroke legs and arms

Improvers 1

  • Can swim 5 – 10m out of their depth without flotation devices
  • Using flotation devices to improve technique only
  • Attempting fullstroke backcrawl and frontcrawl with no aids
  • Attempting side breathing
  • Developing breaststroke technique 

Improvers 2

  • Can swim 10m unaided
  • Improving timing of arms, legs and breathing of front crawl
  • Improving timing of arms and legs for backcrawl
  • Threading water with no aids
  • Introducing butterfly

Improvers 3

  • Can swim 10 – 20m frontcrawl breathing to the side
  • Can swim 10 – 20m backcrawl arms and legs
  • Developing butterfly
  • Improving overall stroke technique, breathing and timing